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About enterprise TehSpecTorg, OOO

The company realizes shutoff valves, KIP devices, electric equipment, pumps

Shutoff valves

Gates - steel, corrosion-proof, ammoniac. Gates - pig-iron, futerovanny, enameled, brass, bronze. Latches - steel, corrosion-proof, pig-iron. Valves electromagnetic gas EVG type. Valves - electromagnetic, safety, the return. The valves - regulating gate-type. Pressure regulators - URRD-M, 21ch10nzh, RD-32, RD-50. Gas regulators - RDBK, RDUK. Case unilinear gas-distributing GRPSh-400. Cranes - pig-iron, bronze, steel. Flanges. Locking devices of the index of level. Framework of the index of level. Kondensatootvodchiki.

KIP devices

Sapphire 2130, 2150, 2160, 2030, 2310. Sapphire 2430, 2434, 2444. The manometers - showing electrocontact. Manometers - exact measurements, explosion-proof. Manometers - differential - DM 3583M, a chipboard, DSS. Thermocouples - TSM, TSP, THA, THK. D-210, DPN, DN, DT sensors. Sensors relays - the level, a pressure, pressure, draft. Secondary devices - "DISKS", KSD. Devices of control of a flame - F 34.2, F 34.3, the FDCh photosensor. Executive mechanisms - MEO with PBR, DUP, KP-03. Temperature regulators - RT-DO, TUDE, TM-8, TRM. Regulators electronic - P 25... PC 29... UKR...


Actuator magnetic PM-32ukhl4 380B explosion-proof. Relay (range). Automatic switches (range). Engine asynchronous V71A4U2,5 3 phase. Engine asynchronous V63A4U2 3 phase. Engine asynchronous 4AAM63A 4U3 3 phase. Engine asynchronous 4amkh2p 3 phase. Engine asynchronous 2VN 4U3 3-phase. Engine asynchronous AIR71A4UD 3-phase. Post remote pulse DPIU EIAL656121.


Pump ONTU26-06-459-69. Pump Sh-5-25B. Pump G12-8m. Pump BKF-3. Pump TND. Unit pump 3B 1,6/160-3,4. Reducer 1TsU160. U166 reducer. Case unilinear gas-distributing GRPSh-400.


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